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After many years of good service CCleaner v5.63 7540 (64bit) now takes a minute to run on Windows 10 (1903) after clicking on the icon. This means that I usually get 3 or 4 versions starting eventually!

Anyone know why?


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Is it opening and not doing anything for a while, or just not opening?
From what you say I'm guessing the second.

There are a few things that could cause a delay at launch:

  1. If you are using Winapp2.ini it can be slow to load if you haven't trimmed out the entries not needed on your PC.
  2. Your firewall settings may be preventing CCleaner from connecting, we have seen this cause launch delays in the past, (it can also cause issues if you have the new Health Check feature, and with the Software Updater in CC Pro).
  3. I have in the past seen an issue where CC was slow to launch if there was a Windows Update that had been downloaded but was awaiting a restart to install.
  4. I've also seen the 'Skip' UAC control cause it if switched on.

If it's winapp2 then trim it down or remove it altogether.
If it's the firewall then making the CCleaner folder an exception in you Anti-Virus (or Windows Defender) usually cures it.
If it's a pending Windows Update, then install the update.
Never found a real cure for the Skip UAC, but that seemed to be a Windows thing that cured itself. As a workaround if you turn on active monitoring then CCleaner will start in the background with the computer, and so you shouldn't see the delay when you launch it yourself because it's already running.

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This is just CC free not Pro. It was not launching for 30-60 secs.  Today all OK.  I don't know what I have done to fix it! Checked and unchecked boxes only.

winapp2.ini is as yet unexplored territory for me!   CCleaner has evolved into a complex beast.

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2 hours ago, deehar said:

Today all OK.  I don't know what I have done to fix it!

At least you know a few things to try if it happens again.

Maybe yesterdays storm was messing up the power supply and/or the server connection, so CCleaner couldn't connect to check for updates, etc.?

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