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How do I clean duplicate files?

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Hello people,

CClearner has a feature to find duplicate files, but in the result that appears to me, the files that are being shown as duplicates, have slightly different names (https://prnt.sc/r36olb). So, how do I know which file to delete?

See in this case https://prnt.sc/r36p5n, 8 files were found where CCleaner says they are duplicates, that is, they are all the same. However, the names are different. So should I delete 7 of these files and keep just 1 file? How do I know which ones to delete?

And the locator showed a big list. For me to delete the files I want, do I have to select one by one (https://prnt.sc/r36q39)?

Thank you,


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Removing duplicate program files and/or system files (.dll, .exe, ocx) is asking for nothing but issues, i.e.; breaking the program resulting into having to repair/reinstall. As you elude to some of the names are different, therefore they aren't really dup's then regardless even if they have a matching MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256 hash.

From the screenshots:
* As for removing dup's in an antivirus that would never be a recommendation, ever! Although most AV's have tamper protection.
* Improperly cleaning Microsoft Office clutter with cleaning tools can/may/will break it! Deleting its program files that are deemed as dup's will probably result into the same breakage.

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  1. The filenames (on the right) are identical, what you have arrowed (in the middle) are the pathnames where the files are located.
    ie. In your first screenshot the first two filles are both called 'bdnc.dll', they are in two different locations.
  2. Never remove OS files or programme files, often the duplicates are needed and removing them will stop things working properly.
    Only ever remove duplicates of photos, videos, music files, text files, etc. - Things that you have saved yourself.
    If you don't know what a duplicate is then leave it alone.
  3. Yes, you have to pick which to remove yourself, only you can decide which of any duplicates you want to keep, CCleaner can't read your mind.
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