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Cleaning notifications on browser close

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Every time I finish using  Chrome, a notification that my computer has been  cleaned shows up in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. I do NOT want my computer cleaned or the notification every time I  use Chrome. I went to the SCHEDULER and commanded my computer be cleaned once time per week. It has ignored my command and cleans my computer every time I use Chrome. How  do I get rid of this automatic cleaning every time I use Chrome and have the software respect my command cleaning only one time per week. Thank you very much for your advice. 

Doug Foster

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To expand on nergal's post.

In CCleaner go to Options > Smart Cleaning and click on the arrow next to the browser name.

That gives you options on if you want to clean the browser when you close it, and if you want to see a notification or not.

Or untick the boxes to turn off Smart Cleaning altogether.

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