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CCleaner does not clean Chrome cookies

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CCleaner does not clean Google Chrome's cookies. In particular, if before running CCleaner I am connected to GMail in Google CHrome, after running CCleaner I am still connected to GMail

In CCleaner, all options under the "Google Chrome" heading have been selected.

In Google Chrome, the option to run background apps after Chrome is closed have been de-selected.

In Google Chrome, sync has been disabled.

CCleaner version  5.63.7540 (64 bit). There is no sync to the cloud.

Google Chrome version 79.0.3945.130 (Build ufficiale) (a 64 bit).

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I also noticed this problem today.

As the original poster said, I have the "background apps" option disabled in Chrome, I have sync disabled in Chrome, and I have all options in CCleaner for Chrome selected.

My CCleaner version is 5.63.7540, also the 64-bit version.

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 What are you using to see that CCleaner has left some cookies behind?
What cookies does it say have not been cleaned?
I other words how are you sure that CCleaner is not clearing the cookies?

The way things work with google changed a while ago, if you stay logged into your google account then you will be automatically logged into your Gmail account as soon as you open it.
And you stay logged into your google account even when you close Chrome.
When you sign into your google account then you will not (never) be automatically logged out of it again again - you stay signed in until you physically sign out.

So even if you have logged out of Gmail, if you haven't also logged out of your google account then google will automatically log you back into Gmail next time you open it.
(It also works the other way, if you are signed out of both, then logging into Gmail will log you into Chrome as well).

You should be able to stop this automatic logging into Gmail by deleting your saved password from Chrome, if it doesn't have your password saved then it can't use it to log you in.

See this google article: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/54490?hl=en


When you stay signed in to your account, you can use Google services soon as you open them. For example, you can quickly check your email in Gmail or see your past searches in Chrome.


When you sign in to your Google Account, you'll stay signed in until you sign out.


This should also be of interest: https://www.online-tech-tips.com/google-softwaretips/want-to-automatically-logout-of-gmail-or-google-account/

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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If you prefer to use Gmail or other Google sites without signing in to the Chrome browser itself, then there's an option to do so. If you stay signed into Chrome, then you're probably outta luck.

Chrome Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Allow Chrome sign-in (By turning this off, you can sign in to Google sites like Gmail without signing in to Chrome.)

Hope that helps. I never sign in to Chrome or sync anything, and I always run CCleaner after browsing/checking Gmail.

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