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I have had to delete Ccleaner. I bought 2 applications of it.

First, the Ccleaner Pro, then Ccleaner technician edition.

Despite unchecking the boxes for deletion of dll, I find that Office 2016 and Office 2019 will not start after use of Ccleaner.

I have to go on Win 10 control panel, check the repair function for Office and do the full, online download of Office again.

The quick repair doesn't fix it.

I reckon Ccleaner is deleting a required dll. I haven't found anything to stop it doing this.

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An issue?

The fact is that they've sold me something that simply doesn't work. Forum rules prevent me calling it a pile of excrement, POS, as most folks would say.

What is the point of Ccleaner if I can't use it?

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  • Dave CCleaner changed the title to Microsoft office issue

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