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Sunday is a rare palindrome


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The last one happened 900 years ago. Also it's an international palindrome which ever date format type you use.



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We won't have to wait as long for the next one, but the US will have to wait slightly longer - 12022021  - or 20211202 if you put the year first (y/m/d) to give international format.
(12th Feb in the UK/Europe if you put the day/month first, Dec 2nd in the US or everywhere if you put the year first).

I find it fascinating that with each of those 3 palindromic dates, (02111120 is the 900 y/o one), when you put the year first instead of last to give y/m/d international format then the 8 digit number changes but it's still a palindrome.


PS. It's my 60th birthday later this month,
If you drop the 19 for the century then the date of my birth, whilst not a palidrome, is also an interesting one in both UK and US formats - 260260 or 022660.

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