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What error does it give? did you get the pro key from ccleaner.com?

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Hello i have the same problem . I have trouble wit installing my new Lisense Key.

I have copy paste my name and the key in the correct checkboxes ( as received from e mail ).

When i click register, a pop up apears telling the information is not correct.

I watched the video and started ccleaner as administrator ,turned of adblock and firewall.

i have ordered ccleaner pro. for my windows PC.

Please help!

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The generic usual suspects for a problem like this would be:

  • Did you buy CCleaner Professional for the PC and tried to enter the serial onto a Mac?
  • Did you copy-paste your serial number from the email instead of typing it in - those capital letter "i"s can look a lot like "1"s on most screen fonts, so it is easy to make a mistake when typing it in by hand.
  • ... and, as happens now and then ... did you buy from Piriform/CCleaner/Cleverbridge or from some shady fellow on eBay offering a too-good-to-be-true cheap price?
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