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Huge Gobbledygook Files in my Flash Drives

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I have five huge files, each over one Gig, in my flash drive. No suffix (like .doc, .exe), just "FILE" with the name 3590F75ABA9E485486C100C1A9D4FF06PHQGHUMEAYLNLFDX with slight variations.  I cannot open them with anything.  Are these gobbledygook files left behind by CCleaner drive wiper? And if so, can I just erase them? Or should I leave them intact?  My flash drive is almost full!


Thanks for any help.

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Here's a search for the file name you posted:

Possibly created by a program, possibly malware related, who knows. Personally I'd just delete them (or format the flash drive) and do a full virus scan of the whole computer and that flash drive.

Do note that flash drives are susceptible to getting corruption on them, and if that happens weird looking file names can be left behind.

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