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Windows Temp Directory NOT being cleaned

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Good Morning,


I have posted this request a few times before, and for prior versions of CCleaner, but it still persists... so I'll try again. :-)


I have changed the environment variables (System Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables) for both Current User temp directory, and Windows Temp directory, from Windows installation defaults to these hardcoded directories:


(user variables for current user)

TEMP = c:\tempuser

TMP = c:\tempuser


(system variables)

TEMP = c:\tempwin

TMP = c:\tempwin


CCleaner finds and cleans the user temp directory, c:\tempwin, but apparently does NOT find the windows temp directory, because it is never cleaned (regardless of setting for '...older than 48 hours').


Is it possible to get this fixed?


Thanks and regards,


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I noticed that as well. To be sure, the Current User's Local Settings\Temp folder is the one that really matters, but some applications do indeed use the Windows Temp folder.


I dealt with this by simply adding an entry to my winapp2.ini:


[Windows Temp]





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