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I did a health check on newly installed CCleaner and get a message saying It Looks like you are Offline when I am connected to the internet.

Am unable to speed or security check. Help....what do I do?

Thank you!

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It's a badly worded message that they have promised to change.

It doesn't actually mean that you are offline, it means that Health Check cannot contact CCleaners server for some reason.
Those 2 functions need to contact the server to check against the database for any updates available to applications on your computer.
(Note those 2 functions are only available in the Pro version).

It may just be a connection problem in which case try again later, but more often it is your Anti-Virus blocking CCleaner from passing through the Firewall to contact the server.
Try making CCleaner an exception in your Anti-virus, - google for how to add an exception in the particular AV that you use.
(eg. google- "Add an exception to Avast anti virus" would find instructions for Avast).

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It is connecting but it's showing the wrong message, its a bug that should be fixed in the next update.

See here:


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