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Can CCleaner see System Restore(s) on other drives?

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I just deleted a bunch of System Restores using CCleaner but I didn't think there were that many. Then I realized I have a C:\ drive from another machine attached to the computer via a docking station. Can CCleaner see all System Restores regardless of what drive they're on?

Thanks - rev

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Yes it can see them - but for internal drive only likely.

For internal drives only: I've just tested it on a secondary partition that's on the same SSD as drive C:\ and I see it listed inside CCleaner. Did the same for a completely separate SSD installed as drive E:\ and CCleaner see's that restore point too.

Just noticed a "bug" or "feature" in CCleaner testing it. I deleted those test restore points off the other drives using the built-in Windows System Restore tool, re-opened CCleaner and it was still listing those deleted Restore Points. After also deleting the Restore Point I had on drive C:\ and re-opening CCleaner again made it display correctly in CCleaner.:huh:

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Clarify testing was on internal drives only.
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