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Duplicates and SSD filled up !

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I have a 240GB SSD and never used more than half of it. About 2 weeks ago, I switched from iPhone to Android and downloaded some programs to access and store phone stuff. I don't know it it has anything to do with my problem, but yesterday I noticed that I'm getting warnings that my drive is almost full! 

BUt it reports it at almost 500GB???

Any ideas on what I may have done to myself???

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You need to give more information.

iPhone, Android Phone? What do those have to do with a 240 GB SSD?

Where are these 'warnings' comming from? What is issuing warnings?

And where does CCleaner come into this?

Can you explain better what the problem you are seeing is?

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Android Pixel 3a

Key point is that computer FILLED UP after I got Pixel and installed some programs to control it. Maybe it has something to do with the problem?

Emails still coming in twice. Maybe I can figure that one out.

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So you've got a new phone.
I'm still not sure where the SSD comes into things? Are you connecting it to the phone?
If not then what is the SSD connected to? (What computer, what operating system?).

We don't/can't know just what you have downloaded/installed.

For the phone have you run CCleaner for Android to see if it will free up space for you?

Then I would get Malwarebytes for Android (Free) on the phone and run a scan to see if anything you have downloaded/installed is malicious. (or just dodgy).

I suspect that you are saying that you have downloaded applications for the phone to an SSD connected to your computer, is that right?
Did you download then from the PlayStore, or are they apk's from somewhere else?

It might be useful to know what warning messages you are seeing, can you post a screenshot of one of them?

Second issue:
Emails coming in twice - Is that all emails? or are you talking about emails from a specific source? (Maybe you mean emails from this forum?)

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