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I have a logmein applet on my desktop...when I launch this it launches and allows me to login to LogMeIn for the remote machine I'm using. When I go to select Remote to launch the remote machine it will not launch...it does nothing. Is there someway to change a setting in this browser to allow the remote session to launch?  If you know...please be specific as to where to go since this browser is so new. 



CCleaner Logmein screenshot.jpg

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I'm unsure about any CCleaner browser setting, - but could you not simply install the applet on the client (remote) machine as well as the host and then connect remotely using the app rather than the browser?

(If you are using various remote machines that are not yours then presumably they will have some other browser than CCleaner browser anyway).

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It is clearly a setting, because it works in other browsers. In  my particular case, on my home PC ccleaner is the only browser that works. the applet is installed on all of the machines that I support, however because I use a remote RMM tool, the applet is generated on my PC through a browser, and therefore opens the remote control window in a browser. It does not matter what is on the other machines, it matters what is on my machine. There is a specific problem with CCleaner Browser that does not happen elsewhere. I was able to select open in new window, because otherwise nothing happens and I have no indicator of what is going on,  however when opening in a new window it comes up as about:blank#blocked. There has to be a way to make this able to be used. Being as it is using Chromium anyway, and it works on Chrome and Edge, it is clearly a setting.


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