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Need more info.

What operating system?

What browser are you using to get on the internet?

Have you done any registry cleaning with CCleaner?

Have you restarted the machine?

Any other info you think may help people to help you.

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sometimes the windows-internal troubleshooting will help...


- right-click on the Windows maintenance center flag on the right bottom corner

- choose the middle point (handle problem or troubleshoot) <- i dont know exactly whats in english

- in the appears windows -> on the left upper corner -> choose "show all"


- another window will open called "handle computerproblems or troubleshoot computer problems or similar

-> look at the point "internet connections" -> leftclick -> another window will open

-> choose "extendet" or "advanced" and "execute as administrator" -> ok or continue


perhaps windows can repair itself your problem :-)


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