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CCleaner install/uninstall problems

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I tried to instal version 5.63 (ccsetup563.exe) under Windows 10 (build 1909). It appears as an installed progem in Control Panel / Programs and in Settings / Apps and Features . However, there is no Start Menu item or Desktop icon and nothing in the System Tray. There are no folders created in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86). I cannot uninstall either. From Control Panel I get a message "You do not have sufficient access to uninstall...." and from Apps and Features I get "Windows cannot find 'en/uninst.exe' "

What is happening here?

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2 minutes ago, Icebear said:

I'm using Avast free antivirus. Is it worth disabling it before installation? I'll check out the slim build option in a little while.


You shouldn't need to disable Avast to install the slim build (a lot of us, including me, use the slim build)

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Suggesting the OP tries a slim reinstall on top of a possibly corrupt one might cause more problems.

You need to find out exactly where the existing installation was installed first. Type "CCleaner" in the "search program and files" box and then hover the mouse over the result and it should show you the path. I think it is slightly different with Win10 but there should be (I certainly hope there is) a similar search option available.

Then I'd be looking to try uninstalling it using Revo or BCUninstaller.

Although Revo will do this too I'd suggest putting in your own restore point.

If it finds wherever CCleaner is installed either of those programs should be able to uninstall and get rid of the leftovers which might cause problems with any reinstall.

Where did the CCleaner installer originally used come from? These are the MD5 and SHA-256 file hashes you should use for verification purposes:-

ccsetup563.exe - CCleaner Free Installer
MD5: 037c93d6e729c43fab88e9180ca8c2d7
SHA256: f2aba7dc1d4ab617d7b09b19e7a5b4f6b6e3f790981050d163f395002646b890

Personally I'd recommend you use the portable version instead also linked to on the same page as the Slim version. Less hassle and you may avoid the forced :( updates CCleaner now does whether you like it or not.

With a portable installation you'll have to create your own desktop shortcut and same applies if you want it in the Start Menu too.



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Good tip-off about Revo. This only found registry items associated with an install - no other files. With them deleted, CCleaner has disappeared from the installed programs list. CCleaner Portable also runs OK and did what I expected from previous experience - so I'll just keep it like that.

Thanks for your help!

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