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RAM Information not being reported + Incorrect name for Ryzen CPU

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Hello, I have a new computer with an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, however speccy misses a lot of detail on these (specifically the RAM). Here you can see that the CPU is only being reported as a Ryzen 7, not the actual name of the CPU plus some other infromation is missing from the short details such as temperature (which is also missing in the main page). However the RAM also shows as 16.0GB but nothing else. Task manager details on speed and slots used, but Speccy does not. 

HMMpfSS.png           AJkjq5f.png

I have also ran a command to have the information shown, which all seems to be correct.


Is this a known issue or anything, i also have the latest version (which was released in May 2018?).

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