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Request to open a new locale for CCleaner: Venetian

Codaze Veneto

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Venetian language is spoken as a mother tongue by 8mln people in the World (5mln in North-Eastern Italy, other 3mln people in Slovenia, Croatia, Mexico and Brazil). Other million people understand Venetian as language of their parents and/or grandparents also in Australia, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, France, Belgium.

Many other projects have opened for venetian language.
Some are LibreOffice: https://vec.libreoffice.org/ or
Telegram for all platforms: http://t.me/setlanguage/venetian 
but there’re many other I’m working with, like Facebook platform.

Locale ISO 639-3 code: vec
Plural forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);
Language native name: Veneto
English language name: Venetian

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