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CC icon has taken over my desktop!

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Hi ...so ... this is odd and I am not exactly sure how to describe it.

I'm using free crap cleaner- and have been for a while. I'm on a windows machine running windows 8.

Today I noticed that several desktop icons have been replaced with the cc icon.

Additionally, I saved a PDF on my desktop and instead of the adobe icon, it has a cc icon.

See attached screen grab of my desktop... yellow arrows are some of the shortcuts and documents I am referring to.

Help! Anyone know why this is happening?





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All you need to do is change the default app. Click the Start button, Settings, in Search, type in default apps. Scroll to the bottom click on Choose default apps by file type, then scroll down the .pdf and change it to Acrobat Reader DC. I believe that is what you are using.

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Or you can right click on any PDF file and select 'Open With', then follow the steps in this post (There are pictures there):

That will reassociate all PDF files back to Acrobat and change all the PDF Icons back. (You should need to but sometimes it takes arestart before they change).

You will need to do similar for Windows live mail, TwistedMetal's method may be better for that.
I assume that Live Mail was associated with Outlook? If so then you have to reassociate that Icon back to Outlook.

That should then leave you with CCleaner icons only for CCleaner itself and for the CCleaner browser.
(It was installing the CCleaner Browser as the default browser that caused the changes).

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