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Hello, using the file recovery tool I was able to find a copy of a spreadsheet 'Forecast Tally.XLSX' however it seems un-recoverable. Is anyone familiar with why this would be overwritten by windows defender? From what I am gather either the user modified this sheet while on a temp profile or after a Windows Update the users 'My Documents' went back to older copies of data.


-User applied windows updates and reports his my documents data is all out-dated files/folders from a month ago

-User also reports sometimes receiving the temp profile error while logging in but hadnt previously reported it

Ultimately i am just trying to recover this one excel file 2019-12-17_12-40-14.thumb.jpg.4c575f10d211567463da19f3bb568856.jpg2019-12-17_12-40-14.thumb.jpg.4c575f10d211567463da19f3bb568856.jpg


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2 hours ago, RTB_IT said:


In that one shadowvolume has overwritten the file and if recovered it would likely fail to be your lost file.

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If you're looking at shadow copies you could try right clicking on the folder and selecting Restore Previous Version.

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