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Google Code cache not cleaned

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I've just realized that Ccleaner does not delete the files stored  in C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Code Cache\js

All the other Google cache directories are cleaned. I 've found more thousands of files stored there

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Are you using Easy Clean or Custom Clean?

Easy Clean works to it's own rules which are not the same as Custom Clean.
In particular it will clean less browser files than Custom Clean, so for example Easy Clean will not remove your saved passwords which Custom Clean can do if you tick the box.

If you are using Custom Clean then it may be because Chrome changed where it stores some caches, etc. a few months ago, and AFAIK is still making changes.
(Firefox also changes where it stores things from time to time).

It may simply be that CCleaner has not yet caught up with all of these cache changes, or that Chrome has changed again since the last CC version update.

As far as I am aware that location stores common javascript code so it can be reused rather than loading/compiling it again when needed.
It should be safe to clear that folder, but you may want to make a backup of it first just in case.
If you clear it and it doesn't have a detrimental effect on your Chrome then you could make the folder an 'Include' in Custom Clean so that it gets cleared each time you run Custom Clean.

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Done. I've included the Code Cache folder in my Custom Clean.

I had 2 concerns with that folder not being cleaned:

- the size and number of files

- the links of your visited sites which were in the javascript code

Thanks for your tip

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