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Recycle bin context menu bug

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See the items related to the CCleaner (line 3 and 4)? They have broken font encoding. I need to remove these two lines. Perhaps they remained from the old version of the program. 

Please look at the screenshot. This is how these lines should look with the correct encoding. This is what happens when I turn them on in the CCleaner settings. But lines 3 and 4 cannot be removed in the program settings, I realized that this can only be done by editing the registry.


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You can completely disable it until they fix it, or if you think it may be some corruption you can disable and then re-enable the Recycle Bin menu in CCleaner by opening CCleaner and then go into:
Options > Settings

There will be two check boxes in there to toggle on or off, the changes should be immediate however if they are not you could sign out of Windows and then sign on to refresh Explorer.exe.

I once had those two listings get corrupted years ago after updating, how I fixed it was to disable then re-enable it in CCleaner.

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