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I can't delete folders with long names

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There seems to be a bug in CCleaner --- v5.63.7540 (64-bit)  portable --- when it comes to long names.  CCleaner will not delete the folder:

Bundeskanzlerin _ Aktuelles _ Rede von Bundeskanzlerin Merkel zum zehnjährigen Bestehen der Stiftung Auschwitz-Birkenau am 6. Dezember 2019 in Auschwitz_files

or any of the files within it.  Presumably the folder name is too long (which Windows Delete tells me when I manually delete the folder), but long names like this unfortunately occur routinely when downloading a webpage.

* Has this issue already been addressed (I found a 2010 post along the same lines)? 

* Am I missing a switch somewhere in the Configuration? 

* Or am I reporting a bug?

Thanks very much for the free software, which I rely on all the time to clear cookies and old internet junk from my system.

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