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Western Digital Hard drive Files Recovery using Recuva Pro

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Hello Geeks,

I have used my 1TB hard drive to download Windows 10 OS to upgrade my other laptop. Unfortunately, I haven't taken the backup and it has a lot of important data.
Soon after the download was completed, I realized my hard drive turned into the FAT 32 File system and it is showing 31GB Capacity.

Can I use Recuva Professional to recover ALL my data from my normal hard drive? Data is around 700GB.

Is there any data limitation or restriction while using Revua Professional?

Kindly advise please.

Many Thanks


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You certainly could try, either the Professional or free version, there is no difference in the recovery capabilities. There are no data limitations with either version, but of course no guarantee that you will receover all, or any, of your previous files.

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