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Hi, I just bought a new i7 HP pavillion. It was advertised as having a sata 1gb drive. Having used HWiNFO64 to list all my hardware it is showing just that. SATA drive, however defraggler is showing it as SSD and prompting a defrag lifespan warning. I have traced the model number of the drive back to Seagate, its a ST1000lm035. Can someone confirm my belief that its a sata is CORRECT and this is just a defraggler glitch. I wouldn't want to speedily kill an ssd. Also out of interest is their any technical explanation for this conflicting report between the hardware analysis and defraglers determination? Many thanks

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You could have typed 'seagate ST1000lm035' into Google instead of waiting for one of us to do it. It is SATA and is an HDD. Defraggler identifying it as an SSD is incorrect.

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