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Fragmented cluster with no fragmented files.

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Greetings. Recently, I have been having an strange case of a cluster being marked as red but, upon inspection, all the three files on it are unfragmented. If other files are fragmented and I do a quick defrag, the drive map seems to fix itself instantly and defragmentation proceeds without issues. Nevertheless, as soon as I hit Analyze again, even if the drive shows 0% fragmentation, that cluster is still marked red. What's going on? This is the very first time something like this happens to me. The closest I had to a problem like this was the MFT file not wanting to be defragmented so I used another software in such cases without issues (but, as you can see, the MFT is not the issue in this case). I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit and Defraggler 2.22.


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