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How to exclude Facebook

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I have the Pro version and can't figure out how to exclude Facebook because I use two-factor authentication and everytime I close my browser I have to get a SMS with a number to paste in the box on Facebook and it's really  a lot of work. 

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See here for choosing which cookies to keep in CCleaner:


Edit - Tip:
You will also have to use Custom Clean seen on the left of CCleaner when cleaning, since that's the only way it will use your user settings of excluded cookies.

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51 minutes ago, tinem said:

 I did remember when NOT using the Pro cleaner it was functioning as you describe so maybe I should go back to the free version so that when I close browser windows these sites are NOT cleaned<?

That will be because the Free version does not have the option to clean your browser(s) on closing.

The Pro version does have that option, but it's an option you don't have to use it and you can simply turn it off.

Go to Options > Smart Cleaning and either:
Uncheck  'Enable automatic browser cleaning' to stop automatic cleaning of all your browsers. (In the free version this cannot be checked at all, see the screenshot below).
use the drop down list next to each browser name to use a different action for each browser that you have.


That will stop CC cleaning the browsers automatically when you close them.
But running CC manually will still clear those authentication  passwords unless you also uncheck 'Saved passwords' (and possibly 'Saved form information') for the browsers like this for Firefox:


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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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6 hours ago, tinem said:

can't figure out how to exclude Facebook


additional to the pic from nukecad you should use the option "cookies to keep" and take the ones from facebook from the right to the left side.




you should untick the cleaning-option "cookies" for the used browser you want

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