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It could be a USD to Canadian dollar conversion, but doesn't seem right?

I'm in the UK so the Pro offer is £9.95 GBP, but the cart here shows that local sales taxes are included - Vat @20%.



Which points to a possibe reason for your discrepency.

Earlier this week, on a different forum, someone was complaining that VAT was being added instead of their local tax.
(That was on a different product, Malwarebytes, but also in a Black Friday sale).

We eventually worked out that he was using a VPN, the sales software read his VPN IP as being in Europe, and so it applied the European sales tax - VAT.
(Even though he was paying in USD; that's not too unusual people do occasionally purchase things online in other currencies but pay their local tax on them).

Interestingly the 2 different prices you quote are exactly 20% different, which is the current VAT rate.

So if you are using a VPN I'd try turning it off while you make the CCleaner purchase.

I'll also flag your question to the Piriform staff. @Dave CCleaner

Hopefully the VPN thing will work and/or Dave will get back quickly as the Black Friday sale ends tomorrow.

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Using a VPN and/or an antitrack feature (such as the one in CCleaner Browser) can an excellent idea when shopping online to stop merchants from "optimising" your price.  However it can be highly problematic if you browsing as if you are from another country when it comes to computing sales tax.

Apparent irregularities can also arise if you somehow land on a US$ page but end up being corrected to AU$, NZ$, CA$ or S$ when you click through to the cart.

Computing Black Friday discount prices across different products and 18 different currencies can mean that something will go a bit odd.  Before we fixed the Krona pricing, for example, some of our Swedish customers were enjoying cart prices lower than advertised for a couple of days - which of course we honoured at the time.  Conversely if the purchase price is incorrectly higher than advertised, we'll refund the difference if you email support with a screenshot of the advertised price that you relied on provided that:

  • You purchased during the offer validity period (eg: for Black Friday you buy by tomorrow)
  • It is, indeed, the same currency and the same product (eg: you can't buy the 3PC Professional Plus bundle and claim that you should have received the 1PC Professional price)
  • That the difference is not due to changing sales tax jurisdictions (as the relevant government has that money, and not us)



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