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I can not scale CCleaner's active window size. The direction arrows are there but window will not enlarge or reduce. Have just swapped from Win 7 computer, to 10 computer, that had same problem beginning maybe mid summer. Has always worked in past. Please advise. 

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You should be able to drag it larger, either sideways or up/down. - But it has always had a set minimum size and you can't make it smaller than that.

That minimum size was increased in March when v5.54 was released, a lot of people suddenly noticed it was bigger than they were used to.


we have adjusted the minimum window size from 740x540px to 1010x700px inline with ever increasing screen size. Once this feature rolls out to the wider install base that new minimum size will be standard across the platform

It's all to do with the minimum size needed to show Easy Clean, and they have no plans to change it.

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