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Won't recognize product key

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I had a copy of CCleaner on my computer and have just purchased a 2 year 3 computer Professional Plus

I have installed this version OK on another computer and it seems to work fine and has correctly registered,  but while CCleaner Professional Plus seems to install on this computer it keeps saying the details are incorrect and it wont accept the product key so i cant get it registered on a second computer. It seems to work OK but of course says its an unregistered version. What am i doing wrong please.


Mike R

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Your best bet is to use your priority support and email them at support@ccleaner.com

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@SCM 95% of problems with registering keys are usually due to manually transcribing serial keys instead of copy-pasting them - "I"s look like "l"s or "1"s, "5"s look like "S"s, etc.

Also check the serial key that you are trying to use.  I took a quick look and it seems that in October you purchased 2 years of CCleaner Professional and received a serial key starting with C2YW - not Professional Plus which is for 3 PCs.  Unless you bought Professional Plus using a different email address, in which case you may have two subscriptions going.  Either way - support@ccleaner.com can sort you out to make sure that you have the right product for your needs (just give them a day or two while they recover from the post-Black Friday havoc)

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