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CCleaner not clearing history

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2 hours ago, MPSniper said:

  I run CCleaner, check the history and it shows empty. BUT then I go to a website, check it again, and the entire history is there. 

If the history is being saved on the website server, or the browser server if you have your browser synced, then CCleaner can't touch it there.

CCleaner can only clear what is on your device, which you say it is doing, but it can't delete things on somebody elses severs.

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It's one of the consequences of syncing.

To share things like you history, bookmarks, etc. between your devices they have to be copied onto the iCloud servers, from where they are then downloaded to all your synced devices.

You have to login to your iCloud account to delete whatever is stored there.

For CCleaner to be able to do that it would also have to be able to login to your iCloud account, and it just doesn't have that capability.

TBH I'm not sure that you would want an application to be able to access you syncing account.
Think about if a virus/malware got to it, it would then be synced to and infect all of your devices.

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