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Welcome page Open crashes CCleaner

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I'm running CCleaner Slim under Win 10, 64 bit. When I click on Open CCleaner there is a long delay before it finally opens to the Welcome page. I click on Start & CCleaner crashes. This is also happening with full & previous version. Been using CCleaner for years & never experienced this problem before. Would appreciate help. Thank you.

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There is no difference between the Slim and full (standard) versions of the CCleaner programme itself.
The difference is in the installers, the Standard installer will offer you a 'Bundled' software such as Chrome, the Slim installer won't offer anything.

Are you seeing this delay with the installer, or with CCleaner itself?
(The wording you use - 'Welcome page' and 'Start' - would seem to indicate the installer).

If you are seeing any error messege then it would be useful to know just what it says.

If it's the installer then I would suspect that Piriform may be having a server problem, (the servers need updating which is supposedly in hand), and it may work OK if you try again later.

If it's CCleaner itself then there are a few things that could cause a delay at launch; although not usually a crash.
Winapp2.ini can be slow to load if you are using it and haven't trimmed out the entries not needed on your PC.
Your firewall settings may be preventing CCleaner from connecting, we have seen this cause launch delays with the Software Updater in the past, (it can also cause issues if you have the new Health Check feature rather than Easy Clean).

Then of course there is a possiblilty that something went wrong when you downloaded the installer and it got corrupted somehow.
(And gain check your firewall settings?)
Try downloading/running the slim installer again?

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