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Rick B

Make New Folder Problem

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Hi, I know this has come up before but I didn't understand the answer.

I've accidentaly deleted my Outlook Account, unwittingly I restored it with the same log ins but all the history has gone.

Recuva has found c400,000kb of data and I'm hoping this is the lost emails but when I go to Recover the files and make a new folder I get a message telling me I 'Can't make a folder here'.

From reading the previous query it appears that it is something to do with the directories being deleted or changed but I really am at a loss as to what that might mean.

Can anyone help me or tell me what I should do please?



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Outlook keeps all its items (Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted, Contacts, Notes etc) in a file called, by default, OUTLOOK.PST
this is the file you want to look for.
deleting your account only removes it from the Outlook software, the PST file will still be on your PC.
you simply need to re-create the account and then import this PST file back in into Outlook.
in fact, it doesn't even have to be imported, you can just open it via, File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File.

tell us your Outlook version, OS and email account type (POP or IMAP) and more specific details can be given if the above doesn't help.
but in short, search your pc for all files with a PST extension.

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