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is it possible to MAKE a temp folder?


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Hi Aaron


How do you mean MAKE a temp folder ?


do you mean a folder that Ccleaner would recognize and clean items from or do you mean a folder to replace an existing temp folder ? :unsure:


Whats the experiment :)

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I dont think its possible to make an invisible folder :) ,


if you mean you dont want the contents detected then add your items to the folder and then send it to a compressed (zipped) folder and password protect it then nothing can get access except you

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for them to be recognized as temps in programs, dont they have to be recorded in the registry?

i just wanted to mae something to throw random screenshots and stuff in.

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You've lost me :)


If you right click an empty space on the desktop (or anywhere you want the folder) and choose New then Folder, name it and press Enter, could you not just use that to store screenshots and files in, why do they need to be added to the registry ?


EDIT: RRidgely already suggested that :)

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i was more just curious but since so many people store stuff in a temp file then get it deleted by ccleaner, y not just mae ther own?

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A temp folder is the same thing as a regular folder. It just does as the name implies and stores temporary files that windows and other programs will only need for a short period of time in a place where they will know to find them.

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Why don't you just PUT your files in the temp file? Then you won't have to deal with them. And what's with all the random posts anyway? They seem rather redundant *cough* spam *cough* <_<




i dont think this is a "spam" topic. everyone learns or experiments with their OS in a different way, it's how we all learn.

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Extend Send To...


If you regularly use the same destinations for copying files, it?s worth making a permanent link for it.



Open My Computer, then drive C. Open Documents and Settings, then open the folder which corresponds to your Windows XP user name. If Send To isn?t visible, you?ll need to enable Show Hidden Files in Tools -> Folder Options -> View.

Find the drive or folder you want to select as a destination, then hold the right mouse button and drag it across to the Send To folder you already opened. Release the button, and select Create Shortcuts Here. Rename the new shortcut to something memorable , like: TEMP?

If it isn't broke, tweak it.

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I'm not sure everyone is talking about the same thing here (and I'm not even sure I am... weee.gif ) .


Anyway, if I understand your question correctly, yes, you can certainly create a new folder called "Temp" in any location you want without the risk of any application, Windows OR CCLeaner seeing it or messing with it.


Windows and applications look at the registry to determine what constitutes the "real" temp folder, and that's the one they use.


We're talking about the "Temp" and "TMP" Expanded String Values in this key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\currentcontrolset\Control\Session manager\Environment


By default it is %SystemRoot%\TEMP (generally C:\Windows\Temp)


And per User, the same values in




... being: %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp (ie C:\Documents and settings\UserName\Local Settings\Temp


You should stay out of those folders.



Temp folders located anywhere else however will not be recognized by applications or the operating system, and in fact I have four or five of them myself:





and so on...

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so if i just name it "temp" then it will automatically delete fles after it gets so big or do i have to add it to the registry?


is that the only place in the registry that tells about the temp folders?

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As I explained, if you name any other folder Temp nothing will touch it, and its contents will remain intact.


I thought that is what you were after.


Or am I misunderstanding you, and do you on the contrary WANT the contents of your newly created Temp folder to be deleted automatically??

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