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Hi Everyone,

I'm new here, I have been using CC for years and had a great experience. I am using the pro version and one thing that has been annoying me for some time is that after I have performed a clean, whenever I do a search on Outlook (2010 in my case) it then says "Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed" I have noticed this seems to only happen after a clean. If I go for a week or so between cleans and search Outlook is fine.

How can I change this behaviour? I assume there is an option in settings to stop the search getting affected?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I did do a search on this forum but could not see my issue.

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Cleaning of outlook searches was 'improved' with v5.62 of CCleaner.


Added cleaning for recent searches in Microsoft Outlook

 I assume that if you do have Outlook installed then there will be a tickbox for it, somewhere in the Custom Clean options, that you will have to untick if you don't want searches to be cleaned.

Unfortunately I don't have Outlook myself so can't tell you if it is on the Windows or the Applications tab, but I'm guessing it will be on the Applications tab under Applications (along with the entries for Office, etc.).
Hopefully someone with Outlook will be along to confirm where it can be found.

Just to add that you have to use the Custom Clean for CCleaner to respect your ticked/unticked items - Easy Clean/Health Check does it's own thing and does not respect those choices.

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Hi Nukecad,


thank you for the reply, Office 2010 is unticked in the Custom Clean options Applications list, so I am really puzzled what is going on, maybe someone can throw some light on the matter. There is no separate listing for Outlook I noticed.

Thanks again for trying to help.

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Without having Outlook here my next best suggestion would be to run an Analyze and look at the file list to see if you can spot what is getting cleared from Outlook.

If you go into Options>Advanced you can set the 'Cleaning results level of detail' to 'File list'.
(Or alternatively right click on any section in the normal Advanced Report and 'View all files' for that section).

If/when after the analyze you spot an entry for Outlook then you can right click on it and 'Add to exclude list'.

If there is more than one then you might want to try them one at a time to see which is the offending entry.
If you exclude one but later want it back the Options>Exclude will let you remove it from the exclusions.

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