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Drag checked List - No Go

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Screenshot of error/abort message






So I tried on the spur of notions of speedy defragmentation   
After Analysis on my main  drive  with Program  files x86 and Windows folders excluded (Options - exclude)
By just checking the 10 top listed items top fragmented items I then ran defrag on them...

Result - aborted defrag operation in above error box!
 (see attached relevant screenshots). Where the hell did I go wrong?

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More explanation

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It is not that unusual to see that message when working with the file list.

The message usually means that one or more of the fragmented files is either protected by Windows, or more likely has been reopened between you analyzing and running defrag, and so it cannot be defragged at that time because it's open again. (The rest of the selected files will have been defragged).

If you OK that notification to get rid of it then you should be able to see in the file list which one(s) didn't get defragged.
Windows Defender is often the culprit for reopening files after you have analyzed, and it spreads files all over the disc so it usually the top of the list for having the most fragments, but there are sometimes others.

If you analyze and defrag again it will usually complete. Or if the file is still open then analyze will ignore it.

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