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What are all these asterisks ******** ?

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A friend calls to ask me to take a look at his PC that is not working properly.
I go around and ask him if he knows CCleaner. I tell him that for a first cleaning performed by an application, it is an excellent software.

He answers me yes. So I look for it and I execute it.

To my surprise, when I went in the "custom clean", where we can check the checkboxes depending on the desired cleaning, I found many asterisks in front of "applications / settings" to clean. Moreover, there were many "settings" that I do not have access to my version!

One more thing ... I realized that by checking these boxes cleaning is more "effective", more "deep".

Do you know why ? Because even on the professional version I have never seen this before!

Thank you in advance for your help.


I will try to attach two screenshots, one from my version and the other from his.



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Your friend uses the file Winapp2.ini. A file with extended cleaning routines:


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