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CCleaner and Win XP 64 SP1

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I haven't tried the fix issues yet, but have noticed that in the recycle bin there is no CCleaner option when I right click. I DO have this checked in settings. Running CCleaner 1.30.310

Hi Allen Crist :)


Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling CCleaner? Make sure that you check those settings during the installation. Also, if you are using Norton and/or Windows Defender...try turning them off during the installation. They have been known to corrupt installations from time to time.


Let us know if you get it working.

Windows Pro Media 8.1 x64  |  8GB Ram  |  500G HDD 7200 RPM  |  All  that I know about my graphics is that it's Intel  :)

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I too am having the same problem. I just installed a new xp64 bit computer running amd 64 3500+ 2 gb ram 200GB hard drive & xp64 sp1 & there is no option from the recycle bin.


The program does seem to run ok though. any other suggestions?


is xp64 bit supported?

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