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That's probably because a new version, 5.63, was released earlier today (8 hours ago) and Windows has not yet added the new version to the Smartscreen filters.

It should be fine later today or tomorrow once Microsoft have updated the filters.

I got the same message when installing it earlier today, but just ignored as I knew the probable reason.
PS. Scanning the 3 installers (Standard, Slim, and Portable) with Malwarbytes v4.0.2 reports all 3 to be clean.

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Thanks, Nuke. Just a few minutes ago, using "Patch My PC", I did install it on one of my laptops (I've got 10 separate computers), which uses the build 18362, not the one that I reported on using build 18999. Patch My PC installed it straight away with no problems. When I reboot the one with 18999 (an insider version), probably tomorrow, I'll use Patch to install it there, as i will with all the other computers. 

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