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Chrome installation - no choice

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I uninstalled CCleaner a while back because of the privacy issues but today I thought I would try with the free version again.

I was very careful to check all the installation options and nowhere did it say that it was going to install Chrome, or give me an option to choose not to, I don't use chrome and I don't have it installed, but lo and behold, on installation chrome popped up and said I'd installed CCleaner.

This is totally out of order.

I don't get the mindset of the people who own CCleaner now, have you all lost your minds?


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@18june: Great to have you back.  The privacy concerns were in mid-2018 and sorted out shortly thereafter.  Fixing this was the right thing to do for our users (since we are both a performance and privacy tool after all) but the right business decision as well - needlessly collecting any personal information from users is just a risk and a liability for any company with users in Europe.

With regards to the Chrome offer, that started back in 2010, so is not exactly new.  It's not under the installation customisation options but, when offered, is in a banner down the bottom of the installer screen. While a lot of users have trained their fingers to uncheck before "next"ing their way through installers, we know that others miss it and end up with an extra installation they weren't expecting.


While the third party offers in the installer help keep CCleaner free for millions of users worldwide we only get paid if user installs and uses the product in question - so unwanted installations that enraged users immediately uninstall are no good for anyone.  For this reason we announced back in May that we are changing the way these offers are presented to be more obvious and to prevent this from happening.  After a couple of months of low-key testing we've launched a larger scale pilot of an explicit "Accept/Decline" presentation in CCleaner 5.62 which seems to be making people much happier - we'll be rolling this out full scale in the very near future.

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