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Licence key not recognised after several attempts

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Recently, my subscription was renewed. Since then I keep getting nagware telling me the subscription has run out.

I requested a key and the system provided me with the key I already have. This is just annoying. Can I have a new key or help stop the nagware.

There are no errors in the key I have been given, as I use copy/paste and check to ensure the key is correct. I have already downloaded and installed anew version in case, but nothing works.



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They are having a few issues with the licence server and are planning to upgrade it.

In the meantime these suggestions about new licence registrations may help:

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  • Admin

@iamaliveCurrently the licence server seems most likely to go on strike around the same time as breakfast in the UK.  I just checked on the licence server and you have a key ending with UZPC that expires in October 2020 and seems to have been successfully activated once - if that is the one that you are using then indeed it is most likely that the licence server is the culprit here.

We are hoping to swap over to a new server in the next couple of weeks - after which the old server will be thrown into the same dark flaming pit for troublesome hardware as the old speccy server was earlier this year recycled in an environmentally conscious manner.

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