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CC Cleaner Business-Adding a Computer

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I have purchased Cc Cleaner Business for my laptop and my husband says he would like it too. However I have already uploaded it and am using it.  Is there a way I can change my subscription to a two user license instead of him buying a separate one, which will cost more than upgrading mine?

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Just to note that the name of the official product is CCleaner. (Only two 'Cs' not three).

'CC Cleaner' is the name of a fake disguised to look like the real CCleaner name.
Avoid 'CC Cleaner' (with 3 'Cs').

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It was my mistype, it was CCleaner I was looking at and have installed. Many thanks for the info though, I wasn't aware of the fake one, I shall ensure it is the official C Cleaner website I look at in future.


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