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1 Long *beep*, 3 short *beeps* at startup


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Hi everyone!


Haven't posted on this forum in a while - Not since Andymanchesta had helped me out in the spyware hell section a few months back -


Anyways, back to the problem.


My old Windows98SE computer seems to be dieing. I tried to install a new cdrom drive for that computer but after installing it, the computer won't startup. Even when I take it out, it still won't start up.


It makes 1 long beep, followed by 3 shorter beeps... and then just stops. I can't really see whats happening since my monitor isn't showing anything either.


I did some really limited research in google on my own WindowsXp computer and found out that this is a common bios hat has a pretty descriptive beep pattern. 1 long, 3 short = Conventional/Extended memory failure. There was also a note that said this code can also occur if something is wrong with the motherboard, so the code here is only useful if the motherboard itself is reporting the error properly.


I followed the instructions on some of the websites, and they all say it's because of my DRAM stick. "the most likely problem is either fault RAM, or improperly seated RAM (try reseating the RAM or moving it around to different slots)."

I tried this... but with no success. I only have 1 memory stick


That computer stalls quite often, and the reset button does get pushed quite a bit...

I know I had installed everything correctly.


I really don't want to lose that computer... Can someone help me? :(



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Does anything on the motherboard look like this? (capacitor plague)


If so, it's new computer time.

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DjLizard.net wiki


Dial-a-fix tips

DjLizard.net software support forum


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No, sir. Everything seems to be intact with no rust or bulging in the caps.


Although I must add that it's extremely dusty... Could dust be a problem? I tried blowing out most of it, but there's still lots stuck in there.



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Code depends on what Bios is in use check this link. it could be keyboard ar vga card


How do I know what Bios is in use?

I'm thinking it's the IBM one... but i'm not sure...


It's not the keyboard, It could be the Video (EGA) Display Circuitry... How would I go about fixing that?



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Try removing the videao card and reseating it. Double check all of your pc's internal connections. You may have just disturbed a connection when fitting the new drive.

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Hey MikeW,


I'm sorry for being kind of newbie to this, but I'm not sure exactly where the videocard is... I know it's probably placed differently in different computers so I took some really poor quality pictures with my webcam... If you can save it on paint and just highlight/circle approx. where it should be, i'll try to find it and readjust it.








I tried my best to take some good shots, but my webcam just couldn't handle it =/


I hope these images help a little bit.

Thanks for your help so far MikeW.



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Thanks MikeW! You ROCK!


Turned out all I needed to do was push down the VGA card a little bit so it's a little more snug in it's seat and voila!

It's alive!


thank you thank you thank you!


I think i'll start donating to this site. :)



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