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Andreas Jerphanion


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I use CC Cleaner for a long time.
This week a popup for a deal for 2 years and 20 euro Cash Back.
I make a mistake and take that 2 year deal, only i put the wrong Email inside.
I wanne change that, only CC Cleaner Dont Awnser my emails.
Before I use it also for cleaning the Brave Browser.
That is not working anymore.
Sometimes the install is back on a older version, after reinstall I have all functions back.
This whas my last time, never and never again CCCleaner or other from Cleverbridge.
I have cracks enough, but I paid for a product when its oke.
And the CCCleaner browser is only 32bit and there is no extension that works.
Nice deal #NOT #Goodbey
Ist better to put your money in the trash.

On this moment, CC Cleaner do nothing for me.
60 euro gone #Thanks
20 euro cash back, I have to wait one month.
I paid whit Paypal, but for Cashback I have to give my Bankaccount.
This is realy grazy.

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Dont show a popup whith a deal in a existing account.
I take that deal, paid, only i whas believing it whas a popup in MY ACCOUNT.
I make one mistake, i give the wrong email, only CC Cleaner dont give awnser to my emails and tickets.
After years..... I say.. Never and never again.
I take a crack after the two years.
Cracks enough, I paid normaly for good service, but that is over for me.
The trust is gone..
I make a 4K video and share that whith another name to many people.
Also my Social media channels.
This is my real name!

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I note that you contacted support over the weekend about getting the 90 days from your old licence credited onto your new purchase. Even though your old licence was for a single PC, since your new licence was for the Professional Plus bundle, those extra 90 days will cover up to 3 PCs - on top of the 2 years that you purchased. This credit transfer would generally be automatically processed within 15 days but, since you made the two purchases under two separate email addresses, you did the right thing by contacting support so that they could combine them for you.

However, immediately sending the support team a dozen followup messages filled with profanity-laden threats was ... not.  It just takes more time to read (and translate) through everything in order to respond.  Although the support team has bit a bit snowed under over the past couple of days, I am sure that they will respond to you shortly.

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