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How Do I Make Stealth Mode The Default Window Mode?

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I read online that with Google Chrome, you can make incognito the default mode if you right click the icon and go to properties and add "-incognito". Here's the proof. I tried adding "-stealth" at the end of the start in section in the properties window and it stated the command was not valid. How do I change the default window in CCleaner Browser to be stealth mode?

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That incognito switch tacked onto the end of the target in an already pre-made shortcut should work with Chrome/Chromium and the "clones" of those, unless of course they've did things completely differently in CC Browser.

Try this (note I have not used CC Browser yet, just assuming it works in accordance with other Chrome/Chromium based browsers):

1. Right-click the CC Browser shortcut, click Properties, then click the Shortcut tab:

2. Find the Target:, this points to where the .EXE file resides and what the shortcut will run, then paste this at the end of it:


Should look similar to this, using generic names here:

"C:\Path To A Chrome-Chromium Based Browser\BrowserExecutableFile.exe" -incognito

3. Start CC Browser to see if it's running in Incognito mode (or whatever they may be calling it instead).

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