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CC latest free version crashed my SSD

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Was running the latest free version (downloaded 18/9/2019) it got to 33 percent and hung

None of my other programs at this point would run either so I rebooted - rather I tried to BUT my SSD new 4 months ago will now no longer work

Tried the drive in other PC also running windows 10 pro, and the drive not recognised or working still

Looks like CC must have corrupted something - frustrating as have used CC both free and purchased on numerous machines over the years

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Were you using any secure delete, wipe free space on the SSD?

Also on another system try to run chkdsk /r on the SSD.

Although the SSD is only four months old that doesn't mean they can't randomly fail out of nowhere, Amazon.com customer reviews are full of reports of SSDs just dying at random.

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