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Deleted file for ever there

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Hi. I'm not an experienced user. I run Recuva recently and found lots of deleted files many of them related to work.

I was surprised to see old files replaced / overwritten by... pics from a first wedding! I was hoping never to see those again.

I tried to securely overwrite those but a message says I cannot overwrite them since they already are overwritten.

I opened Eraser but there is no way I can upload these deleted files into Eraser.

Any idea how I can get rid of those hideous images for ever?


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I am actually currently trying to usr Recuva for the first to recover a corrupted file that happened, it seems during Win 10 update. What you describe concerning a file that seemingly exists on the file system but in practice there is no access sounds just like your situation. From my limited understating, I think it is because there is an entry in the MFT - an index of all the files there are - with the file physically deleted.

So the question is, can Recuva recover such a file?

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Lucien (if you're still with us), files that are marked as overwritten are overwritten by a live file, there is no concept of being overwritten by a deleted file. So your hideous images must be live, somewhere on your disk. Recuva will tell you where they are in the Info pane.


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