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Analyze button is grayed out !

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This is just started to happen on my Mac (new mac and latest version).. i don't see anything here on the first so many pages of the forum, and there are 249 pages returned in the result.

please ?



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It has been known to happen occasionally, sometimes CC gets stuck loading and if you wait a while then the button becomes active again.

I've had it in the past on a Windows machine.
I captured some debug logs and it seemed to be an issue with CCleaner trying to check for updates but not making a connection.

Try turning off your internet connection then running CCleaner and seeing if that stops it happening.
CC should recognise that there is no internet so won't try to look for an update.
It's not a regular workaround, but it would point out if that is the issue here.

In the end though I would try uninstalling and reinstalling CCleaner, that usually fixes it.

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great idea !.

i had to reboot my computer for an update.. and the program behaved. but next time i will follow your instructions !


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