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Disk Analyzer file types

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When using Disk Analyzer, to see which types of files are eating the most space, CCleaner is putting several file types into the wrong category.

For example .mkv and .3gp files are being placed in the "Other files" category, instead of under "Video". Since video files tend to be very large, this is greatly skewing the percentages.  Video files with an .mkv extension are probably the second most common type of video, after .mp4.

I also have a fair amount of .uc2 compressed archives, which always end up under "Other files", instead of "Compressed".  And, text files are not showing up as "Documents"?  I easily have 10,000 .txt files on my drive, which are by far the most common type of documents I keep.

Is there a way that I can add to, or edit, the file types that CCleaner uses to determine their category? Perhaps a setting in the .ini file?

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