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Hotmail problem since downloading new version CCleaner

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Hi...firstly l downloaded a "new version" of cleaner. Did not see that l had to uncheck download for CCleaner BROWSER as it was never there before so l assumed l was on correct page....

My Hotmail shortcut on desktop had ALL of my favourites and reading list "missing"....panic stations as there were loads....SPENT AROUND 2 HRS trying figure out what was wrong

Opened Windows 10 Start menu and Hotmail was under EXPLORE. I opened this and all my favourites were there incl reading list.

Why was this not also transferred to my Hotmail shortcut on desktop. There was a message saying download shortcuts but no mention of reading list, so am loath to try this in case l lose all this data completely.

Piriform should NOT automatically download its BROWSER but give the user the option to "OPT IN" or "TRY IT" for browser download.

How do l get my favourites and reading list onto my desktop shortcut without losing all these important SAVES.

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