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Way to select multiple files from results list?

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Is there any way to select multiple files for recovery from your results list? It's somewhat RSI-inducing to click 900 boxes when you're used to deploying shift and/or Ctrl with arrow keys or drag :) 

Unfortunately I need to select about half the files, so I can't speed it up by clicking the 'select all' box. 

I have just thought of an imperfect solution. As I will be recovering to an empty folder in Windows, I can 'select all', recover all, then try to discard the unwanted ones in Windows using the speedy selection tools there. Although I'm wondering how easy that bit might be without Recuva's clear labelling/sorting of good/bad files? 

I have read the guide pages and searched the forum before posting.

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8 hours ago, Woodface said:

Brilliant. Thank you. Would be nice if there were room for that in the instructions. 

Glad it helped  :)

Yes it is a pity that those instructions that fellow mod Augeas wrote over 8 years ago, still haven't been included in the help file.

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